Egyptian Tarot Deck


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Egyptian Tarot Deck

Tarot-Spiel mit ägyptischen Symbolen und Motiven

Court de Gebelin, 1787: "Imagine the surprise which the discovery of an Egyptian book would cause if we learned that a work of the ancient Egyptians still existed in our time - one of the books saved from the flames which consumed their superb libraries - and which contained their purest beliefs regarding interesting things. This egyptian book does exist and it is composed of seventy-eight sheets divided into five classes. It is known as tarot ..."

  • 78 Karten
  • Inklusive original Spielanleitung von Comte Saint-Germain
  • Hersteller: AGMuller Schweiz
  • Exclusiv vertrieben von U.S. Games Systems, INC.
  • © 1980
  • Stempel vom 08. August 1983
  • Box printed in USA

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